From England to the Naming of Crafted with Grace Co.
The idea of Crafted with Grace Co. was born after moving back to the States from living overseas, Cristy, and her husband Tim, found themselves in the wide-open prairies of North Dakota. The newly married couple had been transferred back stateside as a result of the loss of their daughter, Grace, due to an early diagnosed case of Anencephaly. The months following the loss of their baby were the most challenging in their lives, and they struggled to adapt to the rigid tundra that they had moved to. But Cristy found solace in her creativity, and loved turning their military base house into a warm and inviting home. In 2016, her creativity gave root to the opportunity she had been searching for: her own personal home business. She found this business as her best chance to honor the memory of her daughter, and named that business Crafted with Grace Co.
Early Wood Décor to Candle Transition
 In the early years, Crafted with Grace Co. was primarily a wooden farmhouse décor business. They made small furniture and wooden signs inspired by Cristy and her faith. As the years passed, Crafted with Grace Co. grew to be a dependable second income for the young couple. During that time, Cristy, ever-searching for new ways to express her creativity, developed a passion for creating  candles.  Military life isn’t always conducive for a steady life, and Tim was eventually deployed overseas. With her husband gone, Cristy found her plate heaping with orders to fill for her wood products, and was drowning in work. Encouraged by her husband, Cristy decided it was time that Crafted with Grace Co. transitioned past wood décor to focus on her newfound passion.
Beginning of Candle Making
 The art of candle making invigorated Cristy. She was captivated by the science and the process, and even more so, she loved how great it smelled. She discovered that a well-crafted candle was capable of developing another dimension of warmth in her home. Cristy immersed herself in the art of candle making. The more that she learned, the more she discovered how many dangerous chemicals were often included in store-bought candles. She was reminded of a book she had read after the loss of her baby entitled It Starts with the Egg by Rebecca Fett, in which the author describes the importance of a safe and natural environment to encourage the growth of a healthy baby. Cristy was determined to create a product that didn’t simply smell nice, but one that is safe and natural as well. 
How Crafted with Grace Co. Candles are Different
Although originally born in Peru, Cristy found a strong sense of patriotism for the United States. Cristy strives to ensure that her candles are made only from the most natural products produced here in the U.S. They are completely dye, parabens, and phthalates free. The oils are carefully handpicked by Cristy to assure the best quality and fragrance. Crafted with Grace Co. candles are 100% soy wax grown by American farmers, all hand-poured by Cristy herself in North Dakota (a state which she has grown to love). Crafted with Grace Co. has come a long way from its origins, but they are excited to see what the future holds. Won’t you join them for the journey?